Video production

The drone video offers a new perspective in capturing significant or unusual events in life.

A wedding video or any other social event gets a third dimension view.

Of course, any other event from which you want to have a bird's-eye view can be captured.

Of course, you must have the consent of all involved and the owner of the property, and you must meet the terms of the Aerial Work permit

Generally, video recording requires three basic steps ...



Prior to recording a thorough-full preparation is required. In addition to the above-mentioned administrative matters, you need to familiarize yourself with the planned course of the event so that you do not miss the most important moments and that you are in the right place with the right recording technique at the right time. The drone video will perfectly complement the overall atmosphere of the event, but is usually not the only source of the resulting film. It is not possible to record indoor shots and it is difficult to take close-ups at which you need to hear what people are saying. You must also have a backup plan in case of a weather change that would prevent video recording by drone.


If the plan is done and discussed with the event participants (not to mention approval), you can start recording. You have to realize that the document is being recorded in real time, and it is hard to return the participants to repeat the marriage kiss because of a failed shot, though… repetition is the mother of wisdom.

If you want to capture an event in which you need to capture the sound of the participants, your co-worker is close to talking with the microphone or at that moment you are shooting another camera at close range because the drone does not have a built-in microphone. In addition, a detailed video requires the camera to be close to the recorded subject, which may not always be safe enough. It is true that the drones have propeller protectors, and today with detectors of distance from the object, but by keeping a safe distance, you will not turn a beautiful event into a horror film.

Video processing - postproduction:

It is the longest-running activity since you have to process what you have recorded in a few hours, or sound it, cut it, etc. Synchronize your video with music, and work more hours if you want to have the appropriate quality. Usually, the final product is presented to the customer and, based on his wishes and comments, it is adjusted to its final form. Sometimes this process is more wheeled, so postproduction can stretch from work to hours to work for a few days.

Drone video recording conditions:

if you are in an area where you would interfere with air traffic, or fail to comply with the CAA's conditions for aerial work by an unmanned aircraft, then you may not record or arrange an CAA exception for a given event where you must ensure the safety of the event in accordance with the CAA's flight safety regulations. security of persons and property.
The condition for granting a professional license is also the compulsory insurance of damage caused to third parties to health and property, so even if it is out