You need to create aerial photos of your house, check the usually inaccessible parts of your property from the air, wish to shoot an interesting action that you would like to capture moments from above.
All this can be bought at a reasonable price from a drone that has 10MP photo resolution and 4K video resolution at 25 frames per second.
Of course there is a subsequent processing into a presentation or composed video with the addition of your chosen music.



Roof inspection

When you own a house, summerhouse or other property, you are obliged to pass through chimney inspection at least once. a year. Even everything is ok, it costs you 400.- crowns.

This is not valid for the roof. The roof check is not mandatory. In case you will find some leaks inside the building, it can be already late and the damage can be rather expensive to repair.

If someone should look at your roof, you need a telescopic ladder or a high-lift platform, or dismantle part of the roof to get to where it is needed and the operation can stretch for an hour or more, depending on the size of the roof.

This is not the case if a drone is used to inspect the roof. It is a non-invasive operation where the inspector does not risk falling through the roof and causing further damage, not to mention the speed of the inspection.



Video production

The drone video offers a new perspective in capturing significant or unusual events in life.

A wedding video or any other social event gets a third dimension view.

Of course, any other event from which you want to have a bird's-eye view can be captured.

Of course, you must have the consent of all involved and the owner of the property, and you must meet the terms of the Aerial Work permit

Generally, video recording requires three basic steps ...

Construction monitoring

Monitoring the progress of building a family house or even a large building complements the later building documentation. A very advantageous feature is a set of photos taken from the same place above the building at various stages of construction.

It gives a complex picture of how the building progressed or what the individual floors looked like during the construction. It becomes an important tool for both the supplier and the building supervisor and investor.