Travelling with drone

Phantom is a very good and useful companion. However, the experience of vacationing in Portugal has shown that wearing a backpack with a rather large backpack is not always very practical. So about a year after Phantom was purchased, the DJI Mavic AIR drone stall was expanded.

The reason for the purchase was clear. If you're on the move, you need something smaller, compact, but with comparable quality and comfort requirements.

The experience of Spain soon confirmed the correctness of the decision. So I have two drones, I try to use them and use them both. Each of them has its strengths and charms.

Without Phantom, I would hardly shoot a video from the castle in Hořovice, but it has a greater reach and moreover, it is he who has an air license.


How did it begin

From the time I remember, I was very interested in everything about electrics, electronics, and remote control. For years, it hadn't "been" time. For a while, I "modeled" what brought at least the benefit of learning to "crowd" (control the transmitter) in a three-dimensional environment. A few years ago I bought a simple SYMA X8C drone.


In December 2016, the fleet was completely replaced. I bought my first DJI machine. It was a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

Phantom flying is fundamentally different from Syma not only in flight characteristics but also in photo quality and video image stability. Scenery video footage adds a third dimension to holiday or any other activities.

After some time you will find that you want a step further. And so you think it would be interesting to try it a little more professionally. The decision to take pilot tests for the Unmanned Aircraft, as the official name of the "quadcopter-drone", came soon