A small storage all-rounder is a smaller and newer model from the same workshop. It is ideal for traveling because of its size (or the smallest?). It is about three times smaller and lighter (only 430 grams) than Phantom while maintaining nearly 100% of the original Phantom functionality. On the other hand, it has other very useful features, such as the ability to make 360 ° panoramic photos and some other attractive features.

Although the range of the transmitter and the flight time are smaller, the quality of the photoshoot and video recording is exactly the same. However, if you follow the rules of flying with drones according to air traffic laws, the drone must stay always on sight distance, then the flight range is more than sufficient. MAVIC AIR is equipped with other cameras and software to avoid obstacles, which works quite well and helps in shooting and filming.

Amazing is the stability of the video image and the small drone provided by both the stability of the position in the strong wind (tested on the windy coast of Spain) and the three-dimensional camera stabilizer - gimbal.

What MAVIC AIR can do can be seen in another article called 3D Perspective.

You could say that MAVIC air is more a substitute for a mobile phone with a selfie-stick, not mentioning that the quality of the videos and the length of the "stick" are incomparable with any mobile on the selfie stick.

Who once tries to fly and film with a drone, I do not believe that he will go back to the mobile and selfie.